Our Programs are built on...

…Research-based, life-changing, personal nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  Everything we do is based on a fun approach to help people change their mindsets, behaviors, and lives.  Our coaches are certified by Precision Nutrition (PN) and we follow the PN approach focusing on “deep health”.

While we have developed a special focus on couples, WTF Coaching works with individuals as well.  Contact us for specifics on our programs for Individuals.


What makes WTF Programs different…

  1. The WTF Coaches.  We truly believe you need to have fun for this to work.  
  2. Built by a couple for couples.  
  3. Personal goals for each person.  Working as a couple usually means coordinating different goals rather than both working on the same goals.


WTF Features

Discovery & Assessment: Each person completes their easy online intake.  WTF Coaches analyze the intake in order to discuss possible goals and daily practices during a 50-minute Zoom kick-off meeting with the couple and WTF Coach.

Direct Coaching: You’ll have two Check-in sessions with your coach each month.  

  • Review progress and engagement.
  • Celebrate successes.  
  • Plan and consider practices.
  • Collaborate on next actions.
  • Client driven discussion.

You’ll drive your experience using the PN Coaching App.  You can use the app for tracking, information, and to communicate with your coach.  Visit the Apple store or Google Play store for more information.


1 or 2 Daily Practices: WTF is about changing one or two habits at a time.  Using daily practices, in just a few minutes each day you make changes that last your lifetime.  

We can’t MAKE our bodies do things; we can only do the behaviors that — if done consistently — have a better chance of getting you where you want to go. And, even if we do all the behaviors, our bodies can only change so fast. 

Find out more about our approach on Lisa's PN Coaching Page.


WTF Pricing

Discovery & Assessment: $250 per individual.  $300 per couple SAVING $200!  This one-time fee includes:

  • Intake and Assessment
  • Detailed printed Assessment
  • Kick-Off Video Meeting
    • Discuss what you can expect
    • Identify what you already do well
    • Listen for each of your individual needs
    • Select Daily Practices and coordinate them
    • Get the Program rolling.

Monthly: $175 per Individual.  $225 per Couple SAVING $125 per month.  This monthly fee includes:

  • PN Coaching App (2 Apps for a couple)
  • Two Video Conference sessions.
  • Feedback and support during the month working with Coach.

There are no long-term commitments.  You can discontinue at any time.  We really believe that 

  1. You’ll have fun,
  2. You’ll get healthier,
  3. You’ll have lasting change, and

If we are wrong, you will not be tied to a long-term contract.