We make living healthy fun!

Fun makes it stick so…What The Fun

We believe that fun habits are quick to learn and are more likely to be long-lasting. 

What The Fun Nutrition and Fitness programs are for people who want to eat better, lose weight, and take control of their health:

👍 Learn a sustainable nutrition approach that fits YOUR lifestyle (Enjoy eating)

👍 Transform your relationship with food (no more guilt or shame)

👍 Have more energy for the things you love (bring on the adventure)

Read about our Programs, or better yet Contact Us, to find out about how we put the fun into developing healthy habits.

WTF Programs

Face-to-face on Zoom for coaching sessions.  You’ll have the PN Coaching app for all of your resources, daily habits, and to reach out to your coach.

WTF specializes in Couples programs and Corporate programs.



Couples can be roommates, spouses, partners or any two adults who have strong influence over each other’s nutrition and habits.  Building habits together greatly strengthens the chance of establishing healthy habits for life. Coaching couples as a couple ourselves is special for us.  Group coaching offers a social opportunity.  We also offer private sessions for couples.


Groups and Corporate

Businesses can request their own group plus, we can customize the group to your needs.  For example, we can tailor a group to work within an existing lunch-and-learn program. For employers who want to let employees select their own program, we offer special pricing and split pricing where the employer can fund the fun (in full or in part).



In special situations, we work with individuals.  For example, if you have a plan provided by a Doctor or Registered Nutritionist, we can coach you toward a successful experience following the plan as prescribed by your health care professional.  

We will continue to support clients who started in another one of our programs but want a more individualized approach.

Let’s Get Healthy and Have Fun Getting There!

Find out how you can have fun building healthy nutrition habits.  You can text, email, or on the Contact Us page, send us a message.